Creative DIY Scratch Bright City Night View Drawing Kit (40cm x 28.5cm)


  • Name: Scratch Bright City – Assorted Random Cities
  • Material: Paper, Size: 40cm x 28.5cm
  • The black-coated side besides gray lines can be scratched off and turned gold.
  • Instruction: (1) Scratch off the gray lines using the wooden stylus. (2) The lines turn gold. (3) You can complete Golden Night View.
  • Contents: One (1) Bright City Drawing Board. One (1) Black-coated Board for free drawing. One (1) Wood Drawing stylus.

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This Scratch-off Board hides the world best night scenery behind its black-coated surface. Just scratch the gray lines with wooden stylus and each line will be the part of the world famous night scenery. You can also sketch your own designs onto the additional black scratch board. This “Bright City” can be matted and framed.

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