Temporary Tatoos Body Art Stickers for kids


  • Temporary tattoos body art stickers special design fun temporary tattoos, and great for party bag fillers, lucky dip prizes, pass the parcel games
  • The best for gift in kids birthday party
  • Temporary tattoo quick and easy to apply, safe and non-. Can be applied to human skin, ceramic, metal, glass, Temporally removable tattoo sticker
  • Each book page has 15-20+ tattoos, Elegant patterns for kids, Patterns: flowers, roses, butterflies, jewellery, scorpion, animals and more

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Temporary Tatoos Body Art Stickers SPECIAL DESIGN Fun Temporary Tattoos, and great for party bag fillers, lucky dip prizes, pass the parcel games etc. Condition: New, Product type: temporary tattoo Quick and Easy to apply, Safe and Non-. Can be applied to Human Skin, Ceramic, Metal, Glass. etc. Temporally removable Tattoo sticker Package Size: 8. 5 X 16cm Package includes: 1x NOTEBOOK FROM 5 sheets temporary tattoo sticker

HOW TO USE : – Clean the area where you want to put the tattoo. Make sure it is dry and free from oil or lotions – Remove transparent covering and apply to skin – Apply water onto tattoo backing and make sure entire design is covered. wait 20-30 seconds. – Lift corner slightly to check if tattoo is transferring. – Slide paper gently aside. – Rinse gently with warm water to remove excess glue. – Be sure not to twist or stretch skin until tattoo has set (at least ten minutes).

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