Glow In The Dark Sticks Bands/ Premium Bracelets (Assorted Colors)


  • VARIOUS COLORS: Dazzle the night with an assortment of vibrant colors including: Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue and Green.
  • LONG LASTING TIME: Bend and shake for a bright and brilliant glow that will last up to 10 hours for extended use
  • BROAD APPLICATION: Fantastic for any festive occasion for both adults and children including birthday parties, clubbing, photo sessions, and weddings
  • LONG STRORAGE TIME: Long shelf life for bulk storage for up to 6 months.
  • 100 Braclets with 100 connectors included in the box

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Various Colors: Dazzle The Night With An Assortment Of Vibrant Colors Including: Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue And Green..Long Lasting Time: Bend And Shake For A Bright And Brilliant Glow That Will Last Up To 10 Hours For Extended Use.Broad Application: Fantastic For Any Festive Occasion For Both Adults And Children Including Birthday Parties, Clubbing, Photo Sessions, And Weddings.Long Strorage Time: Long Shelf Life For Bulk Storage For Up To 6 Months..100 Braclets With 100 Connectors Included In The Box

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